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Bloggers & Celebrities

Olaj Arel

Olaj Arel

Digital Influencer in Portugal – @olaj_arel

Jacqueline Ngo Mpii

Founder of the guide Little Africa – @yaquimpii


Fashion blogger in Belgium – @vanillestilettos

Claudia Tagbo
Franco-Ivorian actress and humorist
« Never without my cuff »

Ancillar Mangena
Forbes Africa & CNBC Africa journalist
« This bucket bag is absolutely stunning ! »

Crystal Lily, UK fashion blogger – @crystallily1
« MeyNö is a gorgeous brand which has so many bright colours and patterns, they are totally unique with their designs. I chose the eye popping Magatte Clutch which fitted perfectly into the Greek surrounding with her pattern and colours. I used this clutch so much in Rhodes for nights out, meals and just walking around towns. A pop of colour is exactly what this outfit needed. »

Ludovica Marino

Italian fashion blogger – @ludinaaa
« Love my colorful MeyNö clutch »

Cláudia Santos

Fashion blogger in Lisbon – @kllaublog
« Cláudia Pita-Grós et Andrianina Sidibé transform our continent into fashion accessories that are perfect for any look. »

Gaëlle Van Pottelsberghe

Belgian fashion and lifestyle blogger – @gaelle_vp
« My MeyNö clutch that I love above all. »

Cláudia Santos

Fashion blogger in Lisbon – @kllaublog

Laura Albouy

Fashion blogger in Los Angeles – @lauralbouy

Mélocy Semedo

Fashion blogger in Paris – @mbem_di_fora
« I love the fact to create high-quality products 100% made in Africa. MeyNö offers very good quality clutches with perfect finishes that respect African culture and craftsmanship. »