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MeyNö was founded with the goal of creating a fashion inspired by the African soul, its culture, its colors, its know-how, its materials. Enriched on what they have lived and their afropolitanity, Cláudia and Andrianina revisited this fashion they add contemporary undertones that interfere their collections at the center of cosmopolitan cultures.

Based in Paris, MeyNö is exclusively available online.

The world as a SOURCE of INSPIRATION

After living for 18 years in several African countries (Niger, Ivory Coast, Madagascar, …), Cláudia and Andrianina have traveled to Europe, America and Asia (from Montreal to Bangkok, via London, Brussels, Lisbon or Rio de Janeiro), which forged them a mixed culture very diverse and very rewarding.


Between Paris and Kinshasa, the two founders have truly created a premium brand of clutches and jewelry born from the passion for fashion and richness of African culture.
However, they like to clarify that, while claiming their Africanity, their Western inspirations are never far away!

Important VALUES
to the Brand

100% made in Africa, the collections are made in an artisan spirit within quality workshops in Africa.

MeyNö is committed to :

Create jobs in Africa

Encourage African artisans and designers to persevere in their field and develop their working techniques

Ensure optimal conditions and quality manufacturing

Provide opportunities for women to grow in their profession